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Location :: Press Releases » PR » Solar PV Panels Online Provides EPC Services to Ensure Better Feed-In-Tariff


Solar PV Panels Online Provides EPC Services to Ensure Better Feed-In-Tariff

posted on: March 6th, 2012

Solar PV Panels Online, a network of EPC surveyors (DEA) and cavity wall and loft insulation installers in the UK, is now providing EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) services to solar panel installation companies to ensure that end-users benefit from a better feed-in tariff.

From April 1st 2012, homeowners will need an EPC rating of ‘D’ or higher to qualify for the higher feed-in-tariff. Solar PV Panels Online has signed agreements to provide EPC assessments, throughout the UK, from March. Every assessment will reach a level D, with complementary free measures including cavity wall and loft insulation, and discounted energy efficient light bulbs - or there is no charge for the survey.

A spokesperson for Solar PV Panels Online commented: “It is generally expected that up to fifty percent of registered DEA surveyors providing EPC services will not renew their license during March, simply because there is not enough work for them and the new training courses are so expensive. It will also require two trips to the house in question with most surveys, so, ultimately, EPC costs are going to rise.

“If you let us organise your EPCs for you, this hassle can be completely avoided and the costs considerably lowered. We advise any solar panel installation providers to get in touch with us now to ensure that their clients benefit from a better feed-in-tariff.”