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How can you earn a tax-free income of up to £14,600 in the next twenty years?

The feed-in tariff is paid to encourage the installation of solar photovoltaic panels. The aim is to encourage the production of decentralised energy. In the UK, Feed in Tariff payments are made by your energy supplier.

Feed in Tariff

Get rewarded for every unit of electricity you generate via the Government Feed-in-Tariff whether you use the electricity or not. For the electricity you don’t use you get paid an additional amount for every unit which is exported to the National Grid. The best thing is these payments are tax-free, index-linked and guaranteed by the Government for 20 years. This is currently the best investment available in the country with a payback period estimated at 10 years. As of 1st July 2013the Government reduced the Feed in Tariff see the new rates below.

Scale (per system) Proposed Tariff Level For New Installations
4kW or less (retrofit) 14.90p per kWh
Up to 4kW (new build) 14.90p per kWh
4 – 10kW 13.50p per kWh

Click here to download the full table of feed-in tariff rates for solar PV from the Ofgem website.


Despite the cuts to the feed-in-tariff there still remains significant benefits when you install a solar PV system. In addition to the carbon savings and reduced energy bills, the return on investment (ROI) for your PV system could provide a substantial financial benefit and in many cases could be a far better investment than putting money in the bank or high risk investment vehicles.

The table below demonstrates the rate of return you could expect from a solar PV system:-

Panels kWp Price Annual Benefit ROI*
8 1.96 £3,500 £365.43 10.44%
10 2.45 £4,310 £456.79 10.60%
12 2.94 £5,100 £548.15 10.75%
14 3.43 £5,900 £639.50 10.84%
16 3.92 £6,600 £730.86 11.07%

*Please note the price is a guide used for illustration purposes only. As we have the largest network of MCS accredited suppliers both price and quality of panels will vary. With energy rates rising at an increasing rate (the average rate of increase for the past decade has been 7% per annum) the saving made from your own PV solar system will increase. Get access to the largest network of MCS accredited suppliers in the UK simply enter your postcode to get started

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Many people know that the government no longer gives solar panel grants, which were replaced with the Feed in Tariff for solar energy; allowing you to receive money back from any excess power your panels generate. While solar panel grants provided some payment towards the cost of installation, the Feed in Tariff for solar panels is a system by which users can send power accrued to the National Grid, which will then reimburse the household at a set rate. Some people may miss the solar panel grants, but the new scheme serves as a suitable incentive for many people when weighing up the cost of solar panels on their home.

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